The front cover of a book stood on a table with a Caldicot Nation Rail sign on the front


At the start of the year I had the idea of ‘documenting’ Caldicot, the town where I live, with the mind to have a year of images printed into a book. I thought it would be cool to take shots of the every day sights and moment-in-time occurences around the area, the beautiful and the not so, to paint a picture for someone who may never have seen the place. It became a personal goal to have something to show by the end of 2021.

As the year went on and things became more hectic I struggled to find time to keep up with taking regular shots, but came to realise I was sitting on years of images that I’d taken under different contexts and scenarios. Enough to compile a small book.

I’m pleased to say I was able to put something together that still manages to fulfill my goal of sorts. While it wasn’t quite the project intended, I’m chuffed with the results and as any photographer will tell you – there’s nothing quite like seeing your images in print.

Inside of Caldicot book, led opened on a worktop, with a double page spread of images