In early April I spent the morning with Chloé from Gourmet Gatherings, a local foraging business. She specialises in guided foraging excursions around the local landscape, as well as supplying ingredients to local restraunts and distilleries. She invited me along to capture her in action as she led a group of customers around the Severn Estuary – my old stomping ground.

Local forager, Chloe, mid tour with her customers

After discussing things with Chloé prior to the tour, we wanted to capture the essence of what she does and how she brings her clients into her world. It was important to visually respresent her passion for nature and the environment and to really provide customers with a hands-on experience of foraging. Safe to say all of her guests; children and adults; were engaged and enthralled during their tour and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Hats off to Chloé, she was incredibly knowledgable and fantastic at involving everyone in the group and had a really warm demenour with people.

It was a pleasure being able to tag along and despite needing to concentrate on the task at hand, I was surprised how much I learned about an area I’ve lived in for most of my life. I’m also happy with the shots I came away with and was pleased to hear Chloé felt the same.

If you’re interested in foraging, Chloé is your perfect guide and I’d highly recommend visiting her website for more information and book onto a tour.


It was nice to receive a message from Chloé to say that some of my images had been selected by The Guardian for a spotlight article they ran on Gourmet Gatherings!

Close up of a lady's hand inspecting a white plant
Lady with rambling stick crouched down about to pick some grass
Close up of a very young girl holding a herb up to her nose
Shot of lady taken through foliage as she points out something in a tree
Aerial shot of a foraging basket full of foliage
Candid shot of girl crouched down inspecting a flower
Father stood with you ng daughter holding a plant and smelling his fingers
Wide shot of foraging tour group stood listening to their guide