Continuing on from the success of the Gwent Doorstep campaign, I was contacted by the Swansea division of Foster Wales to shoot more images of local carers on their doorstep to further highlight the diversity of the organisation.

In a similar fashion to the Gwent campaign, I spent a few days down in Swansea travelling between the homes of various carers and hearing their stories and reasons for why they decided to support young people in need. As always, it proved an enlightening and inspiring project and I’m grateful for their honesty and warm nature which helped me to capture their portraits in a relaxed and unimposing manner.

Relaxed man stood with hands in his pockets outside of his home

The main challenge with this shoot was working around the declining weather and the shorter window of day light. Winter days in Swansea aren’t always the most visually attractive and I was ever mindful when planning for travel time and introductions. I’d debated bringing my lighting rig but ultimately decided against in the name of consistency with previous shoots, and the time it would save should I need to shoot in wet conditions.

Fortunately the weather held out when we needed it to!

Married couple stood on driving holding their dog and smiling

Thank you to Foster Wales for once again recruiting my services and giving me the opportunity to work some wonderful, selfless people who help change children’s lives. You can view a few examples from the campaign below.

If you think you can make a difference to a child’s life and have the capacity inside your home to accomodate them, why not contact Foster Wales for an informal chat or more information. You’d be surprised how many people are perfectly suited to foster.

Happy couple sat smiling on doorstep
Relaxed woman stood with hand on hips in front of her front door
Older couple stood smiling in front of their home